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    Is it Still Paint?

    Technology isn’t something most people think of when it comes to paint, but at Benjamin Moore we’re constantly working to develop products that solve problems and make you rethink what paint can do. Since Benjamin Moore paint goes so far beyond your expectations of paint, it kind of makes you wonder...is it still paint?

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Baseball Bats

Historic Baseball BatsYou can see part of Dave’s collection of big league bats on the walls and in front of the key counter. Most are game-used and still have tape, pine tar and finger prints on the handles. Several are cracked and a few are autographed. There is a Stan Musial signed bat and one autographed by several of the Atlanta Braves.

The ‘coolest’, and my favorite, is the bat signed by four women from the All American Girls Baseball League, which was organized in 1943 and was featured in the film “A League of Their Own”. The league was featured in the baseball hall of fame and the players all signed ‘HOF 11-88’. Dave’s mother used to go to the Kenosha Comet games with her dad when she was a teenager. How cool is that?

Steer Horns

Steer HornsThese belonged to one Texas sized longhorn. They measure 7’-6” from tip to tip. Dave saw them on his first trip to the old ABC Auction Co. Dave successfully bid on the horns(while Nancy was looking for the restroom), and then handled all of the questions that Nancy had about the transaction. (Who?, What?, When,? Where?, Why? and How?)

What are you doing?

Who besides you thinks those things have value?

When is the bidding going to stop?

Where are you going to put them?

Why do you think that this is a good time to buy cow horns? (Our first born was due any day)

How long will it take you to walk home with your new trophy?

RC Cola Machine

RC Cola MachineWhat is more southern that the ‘Workman’s Lunch, an RC Cola and a Moon Pie? After we set up a Moon Pie display, we just had to have an authentic RC Cola machine. We didn’t know that we would have to go to Kansas to find one that worked. Sharon convinced her husband Don that it would be a good idea to take a weekend trip to pick up the new treasure. It is especially cool after a fresh charge of Freon. It is a great home for all of our vintage sodas. We even had some 10-2-4 Dublin Dr Pepper until they finally stopped production.